Cover Glass

All of our Cover Glass is cut using automated machines and diamond tools, resulting in completely even pieces with clean edges. All of our Cover Glass is made from the highest quality D263 glass, imported from Germany. We supply in two types of packing; one is in 10g increments as is standard in the Indian market, and the other is in packets of 100 pieces, as per international standard. Below is a table of the sizes we regularly manufacture. Please enquire if you require something we do not have listed on our site, as we may be able to meet your needs.



18mm x 18mm 20mm x 20mm 22mm x 22mm 24mm x 24mm
22mm x 30mm 22mm x 40mm 22mm x 50mm 22mm x 60mm
24mm x 40mm 24mm x 50mm 24mm x 60mm 20mm x 25mm