Sperm Counting Chamber (Brightline)

The Brightline Counting Chamber is made from one piece of high quality glass, milled and polished within strict tolerances, ensuring durability and reliability. The central moat forms a counting area. This counting area is metallized, as opposed to consisting of polished glass, like in a standard chamber, resulting in a strong contrast between the lines and the rest of the counting area surface.


Our Sperm Counting Chamber has a depth of 0.01mm, making it ideal for sperm counting. Contact of the cover glass with the supporting areas on the sides of the moat produces an exact volume of fluid over the counting area, and the chamber can be loaded from the side via capillary action, which is ensured by the difference in surface tension characteristics between the metallic surface on the chamber and the cover glass.


All of our chambers go through rigorous quality control at every step of the production process, ensuring that our customers receive a product of the highest quality.